Fern Ridge Country Trail
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Welcome to the Fern Ridge Country Trail!

The Fern Ridge Country Trail includes the quaint rural villages of Veneta, and Elmira and the sparkling reservoir known as Fern Ridge Lake.

Today, The Fern Ridge Country Trail is sprinkled with wonders. Visit a biodynamic garden and experience hayrides, tours and organic produce, pluck a  warm peach from a local orchard, fill a bucket of organic Oregon strawberries, mosey through a unique gift shop, visit an art guild, take water color classes, buy veggies from a farmers' market, or hand-makde soaps and lotions, listen to concerts, visit wineries, attend healing festivals.

Applegate Art Gallery & Guild
Badger Mountain Farm
Bush's Fern View Farms
Domaine Meriwether Winery
Our Daily Bread Restaurant
Saturn Farmers Market
Stillpoint Farm
Veneta's Farmers Market
Wings Beads &Things

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